Spanners: The Fountain of Youth by Johnathan Maas

This book is yet again another testament of the brilliant artistry of Johnathan Maas. His ability to weave several story lines into 1 book amazes me. Spanners: Fountain of Youth, is a book about a group of individuals who have been granted specific abilities outside of the average human being; some live briefly, 30 days or less, but within that time can learn and achieve more than an entire nation combined. Some Spanners are built with the strengths of 10 men, some control fire and others can take your life with a single touch. Some Spanners have been granted immortality and with that burden a clear and concise memory of every wrong done and evil action to ever exist alongside them.

This is the story of one such immortal and his plight to not only save the collective human race, but the Spanners race as well. An evil has been awoken by the name of Juan Ponce de Leon and his aim is to destroy all life with the exception of a handful of his fateful follows and reduce the earth’s population to 10,000. While I’ll admit some of his ideas are interesting, just the thought of eliminating, rather exterminating nearly 7 billion humans is completely ludicrous. de Leon was buried for nearly 500 years and for good reason, he’s a complete lunatic.

Detective Adam Parr is on the prowl to gather as much information about de Leon and a mystical Spanner called, “The Fountain” as quickly as possible before the other side can gain an advantage and beat him to the punch. Along the way Parr meets some very interesting characters, he is reunited with his long lost sister [daughter?] and a myriad of other characters to fight the good fight for the sake of both Humanity and Spanners alike.

Once again Maas has managed to question age old ethical choices in treatment towards one another, dabble in the morals of rights and wrongs and even deliver a well thought out history lesson to his readers. This beautifully written book did so well it was adapted for the screen in a feature length film that was both written and directed by Johnathan Maas.

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